The enormity of Hurricane Katrinas devastation, from New Orleans to Biloxi has posed complex and extreme challenges to the inhabitants and political leadership of the region and the nation as a whole. Ironically, despite the unprecedented scope of the cataclysm, the scale of the ongoing reconstruction efforts and the fact that nearly 500,000 people remain displaced, the plight of the region has almost entirely fallen off the national media radar. - Ricki Mathews, Former Publsiher, Gulf Port. Sun Hearld

Reinventing Paradise is a segmented documentary series designed to showcase the trials and tribulations of post-cataclysm reconstruction from an ‘on-the-ground’ human point of view. The battle ground for climate change is not found in the halls of Congress nor the boardrooms of corporations. The climate war is being fought every day on the delicate interfaces between land and sea – areas of the planet most often referred to as ‘paradise.’ With global insecurities in play, issues of healthcare, mental health, insurance, environmental degradation, immigrant labor, cumbersome re-development laws and the role of the federal government in disaster relief are enormously relevant not only for the Gulf Coast, but also for the entire nation and world. Whether as the result tsunamis, earthquakes, or war – it is human nature to rethink, re-engineer and re-invent our futures and preserve paradise for generations to come.

For the past four years in the wake of the Asian Tsunami and hurricaine Katrina, legislators, engineers, architects, designers, planners and public health officials from around the world have been accumulating vast reservoirs of knowledge and insight into human survivability and sustainability in the face of Earth’s new era of climate change.

The invaluable lessons being learned in the most prosperous nation on earth, by common citizens and government officials alike, are at risk of being lost for future generations if a concerted effort to preserve and disseminate these human AND technical experiences is not mounted immediately. Reinventing Paradise recounts these stories of risk, success and failures and will weave together a diverse range of subjects from across the globe that will provide insight, inspire and motivate its audience to taking positive and effective action to preserve life and enhance domestic security through knowledge and innovation.

The driving force behind Reinventing Paradise is a theme of cooperation and visionary thinking that embraces unity and innovation amongst all people in the face of calamity.

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